A propos de l'auteur VaduAmka

Site Web : http://www.facebook.com/VaduAmka/
Pays : Belgique


Quelques mots sur moi

Graphist and visual artist on console, I am passionate about recycling art, conception and retrogaming. My journey as artist began in 2012, after my studies at Saint-Luc de Bruxelles. That is when I realized that I wanted to customize, or more precisely that I wanted to give back life to old machines that would end up in dump otherwise. I favor working from salvages objects and I am attracted by the work of 3D volumes as well as matter. My main influences, at first, were oriented by street-art, contemporary art, and glitch-art. I am a big fan of everything that is related to 80's and 90's and I'm proud of it!

Mes centres d'intérêt

Art, Gaming, Motion design, sculpting, props, Photography.