What is customisation?


It is the act of altering objects to distort their original fonctions and, at the same time, giving a new life to an old support. The major interest is to create something unique that will be tailored to the desires of a client.

My work is mainly revolving around the repair of retro consoles and current generations consoles, no longer working or heavily damaged.

For individual or professional?


I am opened to all types of projects, for individuals and professionals.


Exhibitions and animation in salon?


My ephemeral exhibitions are mobile: I am attending to various events and salons throughout Europe in order to showcase my machines and artworks. During animations, I am offering a free activity which aims to show what is customisaton and gives the opportunity to create a small personalisation of a smartphone case or portable console (New 3DS). For all logistical questions, organisers of events can contact me by email : contact@vaduamka.com


For the realization of a project, are you providing the support?


- If the client can provide their own support: the cost of the latter would be deducted from the final cost of the project.

- If the client cannot provide their own support: additional fees will have to be calculated, depending on the support and its retail cost.

Choice of the theme?


The client provides me with his theme and ideas. From there, we discuss their needs to establish their needs. For professionals, many concept art are provided until we agree on the project.


Can I use my customised machine/accessory or not?


The durability depends on how often you use your object. Consoles, controllers, accessories and any other support are refurbished and fonctional. Some artworks are unique and are intended for exhibition.


What are the price range?


That question is almost as old as the world!

Price depends on support and materials that are used : species of timber, resin, brass, gold sheet, plastic, acrylic, etc. Quote cannot be under 130€ including administrative fees, cotisation and TVA.

Sending or delivered personally ?


It is possible for you to deliver personally a console or accessory during a convention or even, or to send it to me by mail / Mondial Relay.

The return of the parcel is charged to the client through postal service, private carrier or Mondial Relay. Parcles are always insured for their value and tracking number is mandatory.


Production deadline?


On average, it takes between 2 and 6 weeks to complete a project. The waiting time varies between 1 and 6 month, depending on what you are asking. Additional waiting time may occur during the Holiday period.

Other conceivable supports ?


Realizations are done on : gaming console, game accessory, game cartridge, canvas, PVC plate, gaming accessory, computer, smartphone, other wall supports.

How can you reach me ?


On social media Twitter and Facebook

Or by email: contact@vaduamka.com