A Hideo Kojima Book : From Mother Base with Love is a fan-project dedicated to Hideo Kojima. With this book Tarak CHAMI wanted to create a unique piece from fans, cosplayers and artists with one and only goal, thank Hideo Kojima for all those years with his games !
With this project, he would like to run a charity donation with the help of all the people involved and make a good action for children in Japan. There is no profit made with this project. Tarak only want to make a good action for one of the best videogame producer ever.
"Live your dreams, don't dream your life" !

Release : 09/2016 (.PDF)  
Author : Tarak CHAMI


We are many artists who participated to this crazy and ambitious project that is the creation of a fan-project book to pay a tribute to Hideo Kojima. This book that takes the form of an artbook showcases many talented artists who were transformed by the productions of the Japanese creator. I am myself a huge fan of Zone of The Enders. My contribution to this project was this customised console produced on the theme of Metal Gear Solid.


Nous sommes plusieurs artistes à avoir participé à ce projet un peu fou et à la fois ambitieux qu'est la création d'un livre "fan-project" en hommage à Hideo Kojima. Ce livre sous forme d'artbook regroupe énormément d'artistes talentueux et qui ont été marqués par les productions du créateur japonais. Je suis moi-même une grande fan de Zone of The Enders. Ma contribution pour ce projet a été la création de cette console Metal Gear Solid.